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31st October 2014

So we know Wanaka has a famous lake tree, could this be a contender for Wanaka's most remote historic tree? Thoughts please.........
We pass this tree during our Wild Hills Safari through West Wanaka Station

30th October 2014

....we thought the view from our Alpine Cafe was high enough, obviously not for our guide John recently!

28th October 2014

Don't you love an "almost good" photo.....nearly a nice shot of a Kea today during our Wild Hills Safari

27th October 2014

Anyone for coffee?? Welcome to our alpine cafe a perfect stop during our 2.5 hour Wanaka Highlights safari.

23rd October 2014

Three of Wanaka's favorite activities in 1 day!! #wanakariverjourneys #Aspiringhelicopters and #ridgelineadventures We call it the #EssentialWanakaCombo check out our website for details.

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It's amazing out there today! #essentialwanakacombo #nzmustdo #aspiringheli #ridgelinenz #wanakariverjourneys #gigatownwanaka

21st October 2014

This is what you see on our Wild Hills Safari, 500meters above Lake Wanaka, with Mou Waho Island in the distance, simply stunning!!! Can you see another road or house? There is nothing but pure nature for miles up here.......Come see this for yourself.

18th October 2014

This is what we saw today, simply stunning. Taken from our alpine cafe high over Lake Wanaka during our Wild Hills Safari.

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We don't mind the odd shower of rain in Wanaka when we get a view like this when the sun comes out!

14th October 2014

WOW!! the word of choice today. High above the Matukituki RIver

No Bull - the scenery here is incredibull!!

14th October 2014

Glad the fence is there!!

No Bull - the scenery here is incredibull!!

14th October 2014

This is my patch, pass if you dare.......

No Bull - the scenery here is incredibull!!

6th October 2014

Amazing light after a storm went through today. Left town in the rain then arrived on West Wanaka Station to this!! Check out the color change in Lake Wanaka. The Matukituki River filling the lake with sediment after the storm.

5th October 2014

4th October 2014

Sitting high above enjoying our alpine cafe today and along come a few locals ...... #wanakariverjourneys on the Matukituki River and 200 RedDeer passing by!!!
How lucky are we to call this home!!

28th September 2014

Spring in #wanaka looks like this!! Amazing views as seen from our 4wd safaris through West Wanaka Station ........#lovewanaka