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4th June 2018

10000% Pure New Zealand. How is this beauty even possible ..... anywhere!

We picked the perfect weekend to explore Central Otago NZ.
MetService New Zealand 100% Pure New Zealand

29th May 2018

Two modes of transport were in store today on our Big Sky Safari with Aspiring Helicopters and a very excited Hannah from Southern Crossings

25th May 2018

For the eighth year in a row. Thank you Trip Advisor and to the more than 250 people that have taken the time to review our educational backcountry 4WD adventures and photography tours here at Lake Wanaka. We really appreciate your support. Thank you.

3rd May 2018

It seems New Zealand is disappearing off world maps ... and its not because of sea-level rise.
This is a must watch.

29th April 2018

Anyone recognise this shot? You can only see this place if you come on our Wild Hills Safari.

20th April 2018

Popped outside tonight as I heard there could be an Aurora....they were right! Welcome back Lady Aurora, we have missed you....

16th April 2018

Magic autumn mornings here at Lake Wanaka especially on our Sunrise photo safaris . The next 2 weeks here will filled with incredible colours. Get here if you can ...

9th April 2018

We have a few laughs throughout the season and this was no exception..... we love to dance ...This montage was put together by one of our groups recently

4th April 2018

Our Russian guests were mesmerised as these massive Red Stags drew the battle lines right in front us during our Wanaka Highlights Safari today.

23rd March 2018

What a spectacular Autumn day we had here in Wanaka. Perfect morning for an early start on our Sunrise Photo Safari.

28th February 2018

Thanks for sharing Lake Wanaka. This was the stunning sunrise we experienced yesterday on our Sunrise Photo Safari. Simply stunning morning to be in the hills.....

27th February 2018

A sneak peak from the air today of our #wildhillssafari overlooking Lake Wanaka

24th February 2018

Up close and personal with these free-range Red Deer on our safaris through West Wanaka Station.
Lake Wanaka
100% Pure New Zealand
Release Wanaka

21st February 2018

Mystical adventure today, perfect day for a walk and 4WD adventure in the middle of nowhere. Lake Wanaka

10th February 2018

Morning breaks over Lake Wanaka taken during our Sunrise Photo Safari this week.

31st January 2018

If you ever need a leg massage you should try our Wanaka Highlights Safari ahead of an approaching tropical cyclone ..... it goes something like this......
Lake Wanaka

28th January 2018

Our golden summer continues. Our Alpine Cafe was the place to be this morning, high over Lake Wanaka during our exclusive Wild Hills Safari following private back roads of West Wanaka Station.

9th January 2018

A short clip of our farm safari adventures this week here at Lake Wanaka.

4th January 2018

Stunning clouds tonight on our twilight photo Safari .

22nd December 2017

A big thanks to James Hustler Videography for this great insight into our #WildHillsSafari following private backroads of Wanaka's iconic West Wanaka Station. Great starring role from Steve one our expert local driver/guides. Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand Must Do New Zealand TOYOTA Taiwan Mahu Whenua Ridgeline Homestead & Eco SanctuaryUltimate Wanaka

18th December 2017

Very happy to be providing our trucks again for this great cause. If you're in Lake Wanaka tomorrow evening you'll likely here honking horns and sirens in the streets. When you do that's the time to get onto the street with any food you can spare. Hope to see you tomorrow...

12th December 2017

We have giant rabbits in NZ!! Actually it’s not a rabbit at all this is a hare. We see all sorts of animals out here in the wild nature of Lake Wanaka

28th November 2017

“The best view in New Zealand so far.....” that’s what our guests from Singapore said this morning on our Wild Hills Safari. What do you think???
Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand Ultimate Wanaka

23rd November 2017

Spectacular morning to be high in the sky over Lake Wanaka on our sunrise photo safari. 100% Pure New Zealand #lovewanaka #KiaOraNZ