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10th February 2018

Morning breaks over Lake Wanaka taken during our Sunrise Photo Safari this week.

31st January 2018

If you ever need a leg massage you should try our Wanaka Highlights Safari ahead of an approaching tropical cyclone ..... it goes something like this......
Lake Wanaka

28th January 2018

Our golden summer continues. Our Alpine Cafe was the place to be this morning, high over Lake Wanaka during our exclusive Wild Hills Safari following private back roads of West Wanaka Station.

9th January 2018

A short clip of our farm safari adventures this week here at Lake Wanaka.

4th January 2018

Stunning clouds tonight on our twilight photo Safari .

22nd December 2017

A big thanks to James Hustler Videography for this great insight into our #WildHillsSafari following private backroads of Wanaka's iconic West Wanaka Station. Great starring role from Steve one our expert local driver/guides. Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand Must Do New Zealand TOYOTA Taiwan Mahu Whenua Ridgeline Homestead & Eco SanctuaryUltimate Wanaka

18th December 2017

Very happy to be providing our trucks again for this great cause. If you're in Lake Wanaka tomorrow evening you'll likely here honking horns and sirens in the streets. When you do that's the time to get onto the street with any food you can spare. Hope to see you tomorrow...

12th December 2017

We have giant rabbits in NZ!! Actually it’s not a rabbit at all this is a hare. We see all sorts of animals out here in the wild nature of Lake Wanaka

28th November 2017

“The best view in New Zealand so far.....” that’s what our guests from Singapore said this morning on our Wild Hills Safari. What do you think???
Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand Ultimate Wanaka

23rd November 2017

Spectacular morning to be high in the sky over Lake Wanaka on our sunrise photo safari. 100% Pure New Zealand #lovewanaka #KiaOraNZ

22nd November 2017

Lake Wanaka is vast and surrounded by rugged weather-beaten mountains. Not a house or road in site . Could this be the loneliest place in Wanaka?
Can you see our 4WD ???
100% Pure New Zealand

19th November 2017

Incredible weather we are having here at Lake Wanaka. Perfect for this group from Denmark who were blown away by the sheer size and scale of our mountains- their highest peak is 175 meters above sea level! Thanks AgriTravel 100% Pure New Zealand

15th November 2017

How can you call it work when have a group like this ....Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand #KiaOraNz

11th November 2017

@Georgescott talking about our conservation programme to trap stoats during our Wanaka Highlights Safari this week. Predator Free New Zealand Trust 100% Pure New Zealand Lake Wanaka

12th October 2017

Nothing like a burst of colour to fill your day here in @lakewanakanz @purenewzealand @mahuwhenua @newzealandphotographyworkshops @southerncrossings @idnewzealand

6th October 2017

Being a retired farmer George Scott is totally in his element every day. He’s loving his job showing people what life is like behind the scenes of West Wanaka Station. Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand

3rd October 2017

Far from the crowds but very close to the locals.
Check out or #wanakahighlightssafari for an intimate nature experience here in Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand Agricultural Tour Operators International (ATOI) #lovewanaka

25th September 2017

If it wasn't for the the existence of the #matukitukitrust, the #MatukitukiValleyProtectionProject and #DepartmentofConservation here in Lake Wanaka and their tireless efforts to bring back the native birds to the #MatukitukiValley this post would not exist.
This is an absolute credit to everyone involved. Please click and read...

Eco Wanaka Adventures - Lake, Island & Mountain Adventures
Wanaka Sun
Predator Free New Zealand Trust

10th September 2017

We never know what we will see on our Wanaka Highlights Safari but yesterday was nothing short of a jaw-dropping surprise......Check this short clip out!

Lake Wanaka 100% Pure New Zealand Release Wanaka Mahu Whenua Ridgeline Homestead & Eco Sanctuary Touch of Spice MajorDomo Edgewater Lake Wanaka #lovewanaka Ultimate Wanaka Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ Treble Cone Ski Area Wanaka Sun Wanaka, New Zealand Lime Tree Lodge

9th September 2017

A magical adventure on our Wanaka Highlights Safari today .....pure nature....

5th September 2017

It's a tight site on Coromandel Peak, but there are still fresh angles to explore for photographers.

5th September 2017

Another beautiful morning on Coromandel Peak with Ridgeline Adventures....

3rd September 2017

Our annual native planting day took place over the weekend here on the shore of Lake Wanaka. Big thanks to Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust for the plants, Queenstown-Lakes District Council for the reserve land we've been replanting for the past 5 years and to all the great volunteers that helped out. Great to be able to give back to our community.

Cate Gibb
Julian Pettit
Ceri Orbell

27th August 2017

Great to be showing these guys our #wanakahighlightssafari this week!! 100% Pure New Zealand Lake Wanaka

27th July 2017

We took our alpine cafe indoors today as there was very little space between raindrops here at Lake Wanaka. Didn't dampen the spirits of our guests from China though. Our pet sheep enjoyed it too!! Thanks to our driver Steve for these great shots.