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Bringing the birds back to the Matukituki Valley

We are passionate about our incredible natural environment we have here in Wanaka. We have joined forces with the Matukituki Catchment Animal Pest Control Project to install a series of traps along our 4WD route we travel through the high country of West Wanaka Station. Our aim is to Bring back the birds into the Matukituki Valley.

These traps are a first line of defence to stop the march of Stoats into the spectacular Matukituki Valley. Stoats prey on our vulnerable native birds, in-particular stealing and eating their eggs from nests.

Currently we have 25 traps that we monitor and reset at roughly 3 week intervals.    Our customers are fascinated in this project, they get to see first hand how we set and maintain the traps and very interested to learn about environmental issues we face.

 Actual trap with hens egg as bait

For more information about our trapping programme please read the following article Bring back the birds

Posted by: Mark Orbell @ 16:16:29
Fri, 3 February 2017

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What a fantastic idea Involving tourists directly with pest control to give them an insight into the issues we face in keeping/improving the areas being sold to them.

By: john robinson on Tue, 14 February 2017 @ 21:52:20

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